A.  Before subscribing to the Professional Subscription Membership we provide access to a sampling of hash sets through the Tryout Membership.  Once you register as a Tryout Member you will be given access to download sample hash sets.  The samples consist of 1,000 hash values from each category.  You can review the samples to verify the Professional Subscription Membership will meet your needs.

A.  Since November 2003, we have been steadily gathering, analyzing and hashing all forms of computer files including the installations of over 340+ operating system versions.  We have done this to fill a need within the Computer Forensic and Computer Security communities.  Since there are costs associated with maintaining a service like this we offer the Professional Hash Sets at a very reasonable price.  The Professional Membership allows immediate access to download the Professional Level Hash Sets in ZIP/CD/DVD.  If you are currently a ‘Tryout Member’ then you can upgrade your account any time by accessing your membership account and selecting ‘Add / Renew / Upgrade Subscription’.

A.  This is our combined hash sets reflecting over 340+ installed operating system versions (MS Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD and Solaris), millions of other software product files, third-party manufacturer hardware and software file drivers.  We also keep the operating system files updated continually with the latest OS updates, fixes, patches, etc.

A.  Our hash sets are derived from three processes:

  1. Installing operating systems (MS Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD, etc) and then later updating those same operating systems with standard public released updates, fixes, patches, etc.
  2. Installing and/or decompressing and extracting the contents from many third-party software products (i.e. installation files, manufacturer drivers, etc).
  3. Collections of files from around the globe via the Internet.

Since many of our members use the US Government’s NSRL Datasets (hash values) and we want our hash sets to complement the US Government’s hash values we proactively remove ‘known’ US Government hash values from our hash sets.  The remaining hash values are labeled similar to “… without known NSRL”.   Consider this ‘thinking ahead’ to speed up your computer forensic hash analysis.  Of course, if you are not using the US Governments hashes then our full hash sets will still certainly work.  Please remember that you could be missing some ‘known’ hash values if not already using the US Government’s hash values.

A.  We have created several on-line Hash Databases (Search Engines) which you can use to validate our hash values.  Our hash values not only list the respective MD5, SHA-1 and SHA256 Hash values but we also mention more file details.  In most cases we mentioned MAC (Modified/Accessed/Created) file times, first 32 bytes in hexadecimal, first 128 bytes in ASCII (similar to ‘strings’ searching), logical file sizes and much more.  Our Hash Search Engines are Internet accessible to everyone.

A.  Yes, we do also offer an on-line search engine database where you can search NSRL Dataset hash values via computer File Names, MD5 and SHA-1 hash values. To better understand what the NSRL is exactly we recommend going to their own website (http://www.nsrl.nist.gov/new.html).

A.  Yes, we do offer ‘one-time only’ and ‘annual access’ database dumps of our complete search engines for a fee.  You can see the pricing under our signup page or within your membership portal page.

A.  We accept electronic payment via PayPal and 2Checkout.  Each accepts most common credit and debit card payments.  Once payment is received your membership will be adjusted immediately giving you access to the hash sets.