HashSets.com was founded in November 2003 by Special Agent (Retired) David Black who spent countless hours performing computer forensic examinations on all forms of computer and network data throughout the latter part of his law enforcement career.

David began performing computer forensics in the late 1990’s while a Special Agent with the United States Army Computer Crime Unit located near Washington DC. David obtained all his initial computer forensic, network forensic and computer crime investigative training through the US Department of Justice, US Treasury Department, Department of Defense and has since continued his professional training within the corporate space. David currently possesses several professional certifications including Advanced Certified Computer Forensic Technician and Advanced Computer Crime Investigator.

David created this website in an attempt to provide Computer Forensic Examiners, Cybersecurity Professionals and Software Developers with Known-good/Safe/Non-Threatening MD5, SHA1, SHA256 file hash values not yet known or provided by others on the Internet.

In 2008, HashSets.com subsequently became a veteran owned and family run online business and in 2023 celebrated 20 years offering hash sets on the Internet.