White Hash Sets

Release Date:  22 November 2021
Source: Whitehat Computer Forensics, LLC
Format:  Encase, Forensic ToolKit (FTK), SleuthKit, X-Ways, Raw hash values (MD5/SHA1/SHA256).
Content Description: All Known-Good/Non-Threatening hash values in one file.
Content Use: File elimination and validation.
Current Release Hash Values: 44,166,323
Previous Release Hash Values: 43,426,960
Recently Added: 739,363
Duplicate Hash Values Removed From Hash Sets:   Yes
NSRL Known:  Yes  (separate hash sets)
NSRL Unknown:  Yes  (separate hash sets)

Important: We have 38,740,744 hash values which are not yet known by the US Government’s NSRL ‘Modern’ Dataset (Version 2.74 released September 2021).

The attached zip file(s) represents one VERY large and single file containing all file hash values we have gathered since 2003 which are known to be safe, trusted, known-good and non-threatening.  More specifically, from the following grouped hash sets found within this website:

 – All operating system versions (562) (Details Here)
  All software and web applications
  All hardware drivers
  All MS Windows and Mac app store software
– All simulated “Gold Disks” containing MS Windows and MacOS operating systems with common software installations (office suites, Internet browsers, etc).
– Duplicate hash values were also removed intentionally from each grouped hash set for purposes of expediting computer forensic examinations, computer security and/or computer file analysis.

These hash values can be utilized to assist in the elimination of non-threatening files during computer forensic and computer security examinations (Computer Compromises, Network Intrusions, eDiscovery, Malware Analysis, etc).


Please note:  We have removed all previously gathered US Government (publicly accessible) website artifacts including image files, multimedia files, office documents, etc, and placed them on our website as an ‘optional’ download feature.  

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