White Hash Sets

Release Date:  19 February 2024
Source: Whitehat Computer Forensics, LLC
Format:  Encase, Forensic ToolKit (FTK), Autopsy/SleuthKit, X-Ways, Raw hash values (MD5/SHA1/SHA256).
Content Description: Known-Good/Non-Threatening hash values in one file.
Purpose: File elimination and validation purposes.
Current Release Total Hash Values: 62,732,215
Previous  Release (October 2023): 57,959,940
NEW & Unique Hash Values: 4,772,275

Duplicate Hash Values Removed From Hash Sets:   Yes
NSRL Known:  Yes  (separated hash sets files)
NSRL Unknown:  Yes  (separated hash sets files)

Note:  This White Hash Set consist of 53,929,573 hash values not yet known by the US Government’s NSRL ‘Modern’ Dataset (Version 2023.12.1 released December 2023).

Please remember to check out our ‘Rolling Hash Sets‘ for any new hash values not yet included in the above. 

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