Changelog – NSRL

NSRL Search Engine – Change Log

March 15, 2018

  • Updated our hosted US Government’s National Software Reference Library (NSRL) Search Engine with the latest NSRL Dataset release 2.60 (March 2018).
  • The search engine includes 194,132,211 hash values of which 62,275,938 are unique.
  • The search engine includes both Modern application hash values (year 2000 and newer) and Legacy application hash values (created in or before 1999) gathered by the NSRL.
  • The search engine also includes the optional iOS and Android application hash values gathered by the NSRL.Note:  If you do not find a particular file by ‘file name’, ‘MD5’ or ‘SHA1’ hash value when searching this search engine then consider searching within our own search engine link which specifically references all files we (Whitehat Computer Forensics, LLC / have gathered, analyzed and hashed since 2003.

December 2018: WhiteHashSet updated by 1.7 Million new unique hash values based on the latest updates mentioned below  (Click Here)
December 2018: Increased Operating System versions from 374 to 395 (Windows, MacOS and Linux)   (Click Here)