Changelog – NSRL

NSRL Search Engine – Change Log

March 2020

The NSRL Search Engine reflects the NSRL Dataset release version 2.68 (March 2020) involving the following:

  • Application files from the year 2000 to present day (includes both ‘Modern’ and ‘Legacy’ sets).
  • Android mobile applications.
  • iOS mobile applications. 

NSRL Trivia:  

  • Currently 239,361,113 rows of hash values from software applications representing the year 2000 to present day.
  • 80,920,372 unique MD5/SHA1 hash values from the aforementioned.  


December 2018: WhiteHashSet updated by 1.7 Million new unique hash values based on the latest updates mentioned below  (Click Here)
December 2018: Increased Operating System versions from 374 to 395 (Windows, MacOS and Linux)   (Click Here)