Rolling Hash Sets

28 July 2021:  No Rolling Hash Sets available at this time.  Please download the Full Hash Set releases (ZIP/CD/DVD) on our website for all available hash set content.  


Q. What are Rolling Hash Sets?

A. Over the past 6+ months has been working hard to add hash values that encompass many International MS Windows operating system language versions.  As a consequence, this has caused our “Full Hash Set” releases to slow down dramatically. This is NOT what we initially intended but to fix this urgent situation we have begun releasing our new “Rolling Hash Sets”.

Rolling Hash Sets are our latest hash values we have just identified and what we want to get out to our Paid Subscription Members immediately up until we release our next official Full Hash Set release.  

So, when you visit our website and you see no new or recent “Full Hash Set” release then quickly look on this “Rolling Hash Sets” page and then download these small and new hash values and add to your previously downloaded “Full Hash Set” release. 

This should hopefully help you access new hash values sooner until we finish adding all of our latest new hash values and publish the next “Full Hash Set” release.  

Thank You,

Whitehat Computer Forensics, LLC


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