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Sample Pre-built Hash Sets - 1000 Rows Only Each

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Date modified: 30-12-2021

Terms of Use - 30 December 2021

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Date modified: 30-12-2021

The above Tryout file represents a small sample of our our many pre-built hash sets accessible to our current active paid subscription members. 

This particular sample contains 1,000 unique rows of hash values extracted from our “White Hash” set.  The entire White Hash set contains more than 50+ million unique hash values (known-good, safe and non-threatening hash values) gathered from files we have collected directly and forensically analyzed via operating system, software and hardware manufacturer websites beginning in the year 2003 to present day.  

All of our pre-built hash sets are provided within the following formats or design:

  • Raw hash sets (MD5/SHA1/SHA56) grouped by categories into tab delimited (.txt) files.  
  • OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic Software format (versions 7, 8, 20, 21, 22, 23 and above)
  • Exterro Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®)
  • X-Ways Forensics
  • Autopsy®/Sleuth Kit® 

You will also notice within the sample hash set that there are no duplicate hash values per hash set.  We do this within all of our hash sets to help you speed up your ‘computer processing’ cycles and save time. 

If you find you are still needing more computer file information (e.g., hash values PLUS associated file names, file sizes, file signatures, computer file’s first 32 bytes in hexadecimal, path and directory file location information, operating system and manufacturer names, etc), then consider subscribing to our Platinum Subscription which offers all of this and more within our database exports.   

If you have any questions please reach out to us via our “Contact Us” page on this website and we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.