Subscription Overview

Single User
$ 29 95
Single User
$ 99 95
Multi User Office
$ 159 95
Multi Offices
$ 299 00
$ 499 00
$ 599 00
4 Months
$ 995 00
24 Hour Access
MD5/SHA1/SHA256 (Raw Hash Set Values)
Encase Forensic Software Hash Sets
Forensic ToolKit (FTK) Hash Sets
X-Ways Forensic Hash Sets
SleuthKit/Autopsy Forensic Hash Sets
MS Windows Operating System Hash Sets
macOS Operating System Hash Sets
Linux Operating System Hash Sets
BSD Operating System Hash Sets
Software & Hardware Manufacturer Hash Sets
Complements National Software Reference Library
Hash Values Dating Back To The Year "2000"
ZIP/CD/DVD Downloads
(24 Hour) MD5/SHA1/SHA256 Search Engines
Third-Party Product Redistribution Use
Our Entire Database Exports (Tab Delimited Text Files With Header Rows)
Includes SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL Import Table Templates
Fully Detailed Database Table Schema Information
100 Million+ Individual File/Folder/Path Characteristics and Metadata